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MONTHLY BULLYING FORUM (registration required)



      Connecting & Disciplining your Digital Teen (1.5 hours)

      Helping your child stand up to Bullies (2 hours)

      Attachment Parenting (0-10)

      Helping siblings get along (a lifetime)


      Pre-Marital Series (SIx 1.5 hour sessions for $450)


       Adult Motivation Forum (held semi-annually)

       Adolescent Motivation Forum (held semi-annually)    


       Planning (and staying Motivated) for the New Year


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*unless otherwise noted, all forums are 3 hours


Parenting/Couples forums and series can be scheduled

privately or for groups.  Please contact me for pricing, if not otherwise noted.


Motivation Forums are held in March and September each year.

Early registration awards a $25 discount. (Normal fee is $75)


Past Presentations


Dorsey High School, Los Angeles, CA

Handy Elementary School, Orange, CA

California Elementary School, Orange, CA

Portola Middle School, Orange, CA

    YMCA, Santa Monica

          The Bullying Dilemma (Counselor Training)

          Helping your Kids Understand Bullying (Parent Training)

    The Maple Counseling Center, Beverly Hills

          The Bullying Dilemma (Therapist Training)

     St. John Eudes, Chatsworth

          Connecting to your Digital Child (Parents)

          The Bullying Dilemma (Parents, Students, Faculty)

    De La Salle, Granada Hills

          The Bullying Dilemma (Students)

    Corey Elementary, Buena Park

         The Bullying Dilemma (Parents, Students, Faculty)

     Pepperdine University

         The Bullying Dilemma (Therapist Training)

     St. Bernard's High School, Playa Del Rey

          Connecting to your Digital Teen (Parents)

          Internet Residue (Senior Class)

          Disciplining your Teen (Parents)

          Getting your Teen to do their Homework

    Beatty Elementary, Buena Park

          Parenting your Elementary School Student

          LEAN Parenting

          The Bullying Dilemma (Parents, Students, Faculty)

     Whitaker Elementary, Buena Park

         The Bullying Dilemma (Students, Faculty)

         LEAN Parenting

     Private Offices, Calabasas

        Motivation Forum


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